WAIT! Shouldn’t I know more about you BEFORE we date?

Meeting someone is easy, but getting to know them…

the REAL them… can be tough! Until now!

Introducing dating App 2.0

datersGame is a PATENTED game that takes the traditional dating APP to the next level by helping individuals through the process of getting to know their person of interest BEFORE meeting face to face!

Are you tired of meaningless matches and “hook-up” culture?

Dating Apps are a useful tool in increasing an individual’s chances of meeting someone new. However, personal profiles only scratch the surface of a person’s true character, beliefs, and personality. Also, it can take several “dates” prior to finding out a person’s habits or beliefs are deal breakers for you. Would you agree that you deserve to know these things sooner?

Who is datersGame for?

Age 21+



Shy personalities

How is datersGame different?

Traditional dating Apps take its Members through a grueling series of personal questions before uploading their personal profile. The Members are then placed in a databank that matches them with the best systematic selection of compatible individuals determined by a particular algorithm. The problem with this method is that it isn’t clear to anyone, except the algorithm, what you and your match have in common.

Now imagine this…what if this process was reversed? What if after uploading a short personal profile you and a “person of interest” were given fun, interesting questions to answer on things important to you; questions on topics like family, interests, finances, religious beliefs, core values and sex?

datersGame does this by putting the power of the algorithm in your hands! The game is played in a separate or same location by two Members who choose to play one another. Scripted questions are generated for the players to answer, alleviating any pressure of having to come up with all the right lines. Expert advice tips are given along the way to help our Members not only discover things about each other, but to also discover more of their own personal needs and desires as well.

Steps to Find Your Match


This is the easy part for most. Browse profiles to find someone whom you want to get to know better. Once you find someone that sparks your interest, send them an invitation to play. If accepted, it’s game on!


This is the place to be authentic; the place to be true to yourself and the individual you are playing. No answer is right or wrong when you’re trying to find Ms/Mr Right, right?! So let the truth flow!


This is the easy part for most: Now that you and an interested match know more about each other and have decided it’s time to meet face to face, go out for coffee, take a walk in the park, play golf or whatever you found out you both like: Do it and see if chemistry flows!

Our Mission

Like-minded beliefs, values, character, and faith are key components in compatibility. It’s true that chemistry is important; however, research has proven that relationships eventually wane when the components of compatibility are misaligned, even when chemistry is present. But how do you find out if you’re compatible with someone without asking questions?

datersGame is changing the game of dating by providing a means of getting to know someone on a deeper level before meeting face to face. Our mission is to provide a platform that assists its members in finding more successful compatible partnerships through a fun, safe & non-threatening game. Our belief is that answers to good questions can lead to a deeper understanding of an individual’s character. Our hope is that this insight helps our Members make wiser decisions in choosing a romantic partner.

What’s Next?

Countdown to Love! Our Kickstarter Launch is Imminent!

Love is taking flight, and you’re invited on board! Our Kickstarter campaign is about to soar, offering you an exclusive ticket to the future of dating. Click here for a sneak peek, special perks, and the chance to be a part of love’s groundbreaking journey.

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Who created

My name is Deidre and I am married with 5 daughters. Their happiness means the world to me. This alone drives my passion of wanting to see successful healthy relationships between compatible adults. I failed at this in a previous relationship merely because I didn’t have the knowledge or understanding of the person I was with or even what I was looking for in a mate prior to getting deeply involved.

My hope is that this invention will break this cycle and bridge the information gap of unawareness to help alleviate broken relationships.